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Water Dragon

August 23, 2022

The water dragon is one of the largest dragon lizards that primarily lives on trees near freshwater bodies. They live near water, so they can hide underwater when they detect nearby predators. These dragon lizards feed on crickets, silkworms, grasshoppers, earthworms, and king mealworms.

Spring is officially the water dragon's mating season; males fight over a female by circling other dragons and biting their neck and hip region. This fight can take up to 10 minutes! The winning male latches to the female's crest on their head while mating.

The sexual activity of the dragon lizard depends on the nest's temperature and climatic changes. However, the female can also reproduce asexually (without a male). Water dragon hatchlings come fully developed, and they keep distant from the adults during their initial days before they start moving further away.

Fun Fact about the Water Dragon:

  •  The water dragon is a reptile capable of swimming and holding its breath underwater.
  • Water dragons are common in humid areas within temperate zones and spend most of their time on trees.
  • Female dragons can reproduce with or without a male.
  • Water dragons have a "pineal eye," a small, photo-sensitive spot between their eyes. The pineal eye senses different light intensities to regulate their body temperature; it also helps them to suddenly awaken from a deep sleep when a predator is close.
  • A water dragon's tail is about two-thirds of its length, and it helps defend against predators and improves balance while climbing and swimming.
  • Water dragons often run bipedally on their back legs.


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