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Water Buffalo

August 6, 2022

The water buffalo is a bovine found in Southeast Asia and India. It is used for dairy production and as a beast of burden. The water buffalo has been domesticated – primarily for its milk but also to act as a draft animal. The male water buffalo is called a bull or an ox; the female is called a cow or ape; either gender may be referred to as an ox, though "ox" typically refers only to castrated males.

Water buffaloes will eat any vegetation they can find. They are mainly grazers, with a diet rich in grass but also includes leaves, shoots, roots and fruit. They will also browse bamboo and other types of shrubs and trees to a lesser degree.

Here is more information to widen our understanding of the water buffalo;

Interesting Facts about the Water Buffalo

  • It is a mammal well known for its strength and reliability
  • In some countries, it is still used as a beast of burden. It is a powerful animal that can carry up to 400kgs of weight
  • Its large horns can be used as weapons. The water buffalo has been used for millennia in farming to plow fields, haul trawl, transport materials, and work in rice paddies. Its usefulness led it to be tamed and bred into various specialized breeds.
  • Its favorite food is grass
  • It has a lifespan of 15-25 years
  • The water buffalo weighs 400-900kg
  • It is 1.6m – 2m tall and 3.7m long
  • The water buffalo has a hump on its back
  • It is not endangered because it reproduces quickly and it is domesticated.
  • In 2005 the water buffalo was ranked number 60 on the Forbes list of "Top 100 Farm Animals".
  • The water buffalo has a large dark green, curved head with a sizeable snout-like nose and tusk-like canines that protrude from its upper jaw.


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