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Tree Kangaroo

May 9, 2022

Tree Kangaroos live in Indonesia’s lowland and mountainous regions, Papua New Guinea, and far north of Queensland, Australia. The Tree Kangaroos live in the green leafy areas, and they look like a cross between a Kangaroo and a Lemur.

The main threat to the Tree Kangaroos is habitat loss through deforestation and poaching. Therefore, the Tree Kangaroos need help as these threats push the species to extinction.

There is more to learn about the Tree Kangaroos, and the information below will be helpful.

Interesting Facts about the Tree Kangaroos

  • The forelimbs and the hind limbs are the same lengths, different from the terrestrial Kangaroos.
  • Tree Kangaroos do not sweat; instead, they lick their forearms to cool down.
  • Tree Kangaroos have sponge-like pads on their paws and below their feet to assist them in climbing.
  • The baby Tree Kangaroos are known as Joey.
  • The Tree Kangaroos spend ¾ of their day sleeping.
  • The Matschie’s Tree Kangaroos have a unique whorl of fur spreading all over the shoulders and down the bark, and to the root of the tail.
  • The fur is essential in shedding water when it rains. This Tree Kangaroo can walk on two legs, and it is an excellent climber and the strongest Tree Kangaroo species.


  1. Marty Gorelick

    Never knew of or saw a “Tree Kangaroo”. What a beautiful species… I sure hope their needs are recognized and they survive in good health.
    And for all those dummies, the following is offered. If you plan on shooting anything in your sights, aim for your foot.

  2. Arlene Norris

    Thank you for posting this unique, lovely animal! I had never heard of it before and think it is really interesting and beautiful.


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