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The Fishing Cat

May 6, 2022

Fishing cats are small wild cats found in the South and Southeast Asia regions. They live primarily in wetland areas, swamps, marshes, tidal forests, and mangroves. Sadly, the number of fishing cats is rapidly decreasing because of habitat loss, as people clear land due to urbanization and agriculture. Therefore, these cats are listed as endangered species. They are found in the peninsular region of Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Java, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Exciting Facts About Fishing Cats

Below are some fascinating facts you may not know about fishing cats:

Physical Description

Their coat is a camouflaged gray-brown with distinctive black stripes and spots. The color of their nose is pink or deep-brick, and their lips, belly, throat, and chin are white with gray spots. The fishing cat is powerfully built, having a stocky body with short limbs.


Although the natural range of the fishing cat is unknown, it is currently found in the South and Southeast Asia regions. They can be found up to Pakistan on the western side, Cambodia on the eastern side, the Himalayan foothills on the northern side, and Sri Lanka and Thailand on the southern side.

Social Structure

It is assumed that fishing cats are primarily solitary—just like other cats—except during breeding and rearing their young ones.


A solitary female attracts a solitary male through her chorus of yowls and screeches.


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