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December 5, 2022

The Stoat is a species of mustelid found in the Eurasia region and North America. Stoats are also known as ermine, Beringian, or Eurasian ermine.

Stoats are furry rodents that resemble weasels found in northern North America. They are fast-breeding species that are considered to be the worst invaders.

Fun Facts:

  • The Stoat is so widespread in the Northern polar regions of America that it is listed among the least concern.
  • The word Stoat originated from the Dutch word stout meaning bold or "to push."
  • The Stoat is said to have larger ancestors that mutated over time into smaller rodents to exploit new food sources.
  • During the ice ages, the Stoat survived underground because of its tiny frame; it could hunt inside burrows.
  • Stoats have varying textures of fur. During the winter, the fur is dense and silky, while in summer, it is sparser and short.
  • Female adult stoats are either pregnant or in heat all year round. They can reabsorb embryos and, in extreme situations, the entire litter.
  • Stoats are small rodents with relatively long frames that hunt rabbits and hares, almost twice their size. With a bite to the neck, the rabbits usually die instantly from a fractured spine or from shock.
  • In the 19th century, Stoats were introduced in New Zealand to control the rabbit population, but they are currently a threat to native bird populations.
  • Stoats skins have been used all over the globe for the fur trade to make hats and coats.







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