Spotted Gar

August 11, 2022

The spotted gar is among the seven species of gar. This freshwater fish is native to North America.

Fun Facts About The Spotted Gar:

  • The scientific name of the spotted gar is Lepisosteus oculatus.

  • It is the smallest of the gar species.
  • Their lifespan is 216 months.
  • They are carnivores in nature.
  • Adult spotted gar weigh about 10 pounds.
  • Spotted gars have a long, cylinder-shaped body, which is easily mistaken for a log in the water. Since its watery habitat includes submerged logs, clumps of brush, and fallen branches, its body makes it easy to camouflage.
  • You won't find a school of spotted gar; these fish like to be solo.
  • This fish plays a crucial role in the ecosystem by eating mosquito larvae, helping control the mosquito population.
  • The gestation period of the spotted gar is between 10 and 14 days. This fish is most vulnerable after hatching.
  • They are carnivores, eating mosquito larvae, small blue crabs, minnows, and other small animals fishermen use as bait. As a result, fishermen consider this fish a pest as it competes with other fish for the bait.
  • While they can be eaten, they are now considered cancerous due to the high levels of mercury they carry.
  • Main prey: Minnows, blue crabs, mosquito larvae, and other fish.
  • Predators: Other types of gars


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  1. Arlene Norris

    These are beautiful fascinating fish. Appreciate that they eat mosquito larvae. 10 pounders & live long,15+ yrs.!


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