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Siamese Fighting Fish

Must Try

Frank James
I love the outdoors and enjoy delving into history topics! Go Broncos!

Siamese fighting fish, as the name specifies, fight! Yes, they fight even if the female fish is a fighter. They are native to Southeast Asia.

Siamese fighting fish are popular pets, so it’s possible that you might be thinking of getting one for yourself.

Let’s find out more about this tiny fighter:

  • The average lifespan of a Siamese fighting fish can be 2 to 5 years. With proper care and maintenance, it can live with you for up to 5 years!
  • You might know it by the name of Betta. It’s short for betta splendens. You can call it what you like!
  • Siamese fighting fish belong to the Kingdom Animalia and Phylum Chordata. The Class is Actinopterygii. The Order is Anabantiformers. It belongs to the Family Osphronemidae.
  • Siamese fighting fish are low maintenance, and they can survive in a low oxygen environment with the help of the labyrinth organ.
  • They are carnivorous in nature.
  • If you keep two male fish in the same tank, they will fight with each other, and one might end up dying. Both can die in the fight as well. So always keep the two males separate if you plan on getting it as a pet.
  • The male Siamese fighting fish is a devoted father. They care for the eggs so that they don’t break. Isn’t it interesting?

This freshwater fish is commonly bought! However, if you are a beginner and fond of keeping fish as a pet, you can definitely try Siamese fighting fish as your first experience!

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Rates Near Historic Low at 2.853% APR

LendingTree.com NMLS 1136