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Siamese Cats

April 30, 2022

Siamese cats are most famous for their sleek, distinctive appearance. Even though most of them have a silver-gray color and blue eyes, the coats of their pretty kitties may vary from cream, brown, blue, orange, or lilac-colored. There is much more to Siamese cats than their mysteriously good looks.

Fun Facts About Siamese Cats

Below are some interesting facts about the Siamese cats

  • Siamese cats are among the oldest breeds of domesticated cats. This breed originated in Thailand in the fourteenth century.
  • The coat coloring of Siamese cats is determined by their genetics and the temperature of their environment.
  • They are a people-loving breed that follows their owners around the house. They even gain interest in whatever their owners are doing. They also enjoy the company of children, strangers, and other cats.
  • Their affectionate disposition and strong desire to interact with someone/other cats expose them to depression if they are left alone for long. Accordingly, adopting them in pairs is a good option.
  • Siamese cats are highly inquisitive, intelligent, and trainable. You can teach them to walk on a leash, give high fives, and play fetch.

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  1. Sepi Abed

    Interesting, since cats usually like to do their own things.


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