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May 25, 2022


Shrimps are part of the crustacean family and they live in marine waters. Shrimps are regularly caught for food because they are tasty. Also, eating Shrimp has numerous health benefits. Shrimps are rich in vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, selenium, choline, niacin, and copper.

Shrimps live interesting lives across the world’s oceans; thus, it is essential to study them. Here is information that will teach us more about this beloved seafood:

Characteristics of a Shrimp

  • The Shrimp’s body is divided into the head and thorax. The cephalothorax and a narrow abdomen connect the two parts.
  • A hard exterior shell protects the body of a Shrimp. The Shrimp uses gills to breathe oxygen from the surrounding waters.
  • The heart of a Shrimp is found inside the bottom of its head.
  • Shrimps do not have a skeleton-like human. Instead, they have a hard, large, shell-like cover known as an exoskeleton to protect and shape the body.

Interesting Facts about the Shrimps

  • Shrimps go through 16 stages of life, from egg to adult.
  • The longest Shrimp seen was 16 inches long.
  • There are over 128 Shrimp species distributed globally.
  • Shrimp contains much selenium that can prevent tumor growth and reduce the risks of various cancers.
  • Shrimps communicate by snapping their pincers.
  • Shrimps are omnivores that eat all other organisms by flittering the water around them. Certain Shrimp species supplement their diet with small fish.
  • Shrimps offer minimal threats when eating plants and animals because they are not typical predators.
  • Shrimps undergo molting throughout their life, and they shed their skin once a week.
  • The Shrimp’s exoskeleton is soft while developing hence making the Shrimp weak. Therefore, the Shrimps hide until their exoskeleton becomes firm enough to protect them.
  • Red Cherry Shrimp is an example of Shrimp species that live in freshwater.
  • Some Shrimp species can fire water bubbles like bullets to scare away predators.
  • The seven popular Shrimp species are; Akamai paste shrimp, Giant tiger prawn, fleshy pawn, White leg shrimp, banana prawn, southern rough Shrimp, and Northern prawn.
  • Some Shrimp species, such as the peppermint Shrimp, are nocturnal.


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