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October 8, 2022

Rockfish are the most prominent fish in the Chesapeake Bay region. They get their name from their tendency to hide among rocks. They are also commonly referred to as striped bass fish. They are typically silver in color with a dark horizontal line on the side. Recently, the population of rockfish has declined drastically, and though there are efforts to repopulate the rockfish numbers, the population is yet to reach the peak figures of the early 2000s.

Fun Facts:

  • More striped bass (rockfish) are caught in Maryland than any other species of fish
  • Rockfish live a long life, up to 30 years, and can only grow up to five feet long.
  • Most rockfish are born in the Chesapeake Bay region but migrate up the East coast in the summer.
  • They are called stripers because they tend to hide behind rocks, reefs, and ledges.
  • Rockfish stay in the Bay for 3 to 5 years before moving to the Atlantic Ocean, where they spend up to 30 years.


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