River Turtle

June 26, 2022

Today's animal of the day is the River Turtle, which lives in slow-moving streams and rivers. River Turtles are found throughout much of Africa and Asia. They spend most of their time soaking up the sun on muddy banks. River Turtles have a great life expectancy – one turtle in Japan was reported to be 188 years old!

The popular name for this genus is derived from a common belief that these turtles live in rivers and feed on fish, an idea that seems to come from early travelers' tales.

Characteristics of River Turtles

  • River Turtles can be distinguished from other turtle species by their smooth shells, which do not have many ridges.
  • River Turtles have tiny scales on their legs and are plain-looking.
  • Their heads are relatively flat and oval in shape.
  • River turtles can grow up to about a foot in length and have a mass of about 8.5 kg.

Interesting Facts about the River Turtles

  • River Turtles are primarily aquatic animals but come out of the water to bask in the sun or look for food.
  • River Turtles have a hard time controlling their body temperature. They are often seen sunning themselves on logs or rocks, but this is only to warm up if they feel cold.
  • River Turtles' favorite food seems to be snails. They often make holes in the shells of snails and eat them from the inside out.
  • River Turtles are primarily found in Southeast Asia (Thailand and Burma).
  • In Thailand, River Turtles are used as symbols of good luck.


  1. Ted Savage

    I only hope that being a symbol of good luck will save them from being poached like so many other unfortunate creatures.

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  3. Gail

    The turtle is beautiful (I love turtles).

  4. Sepi Abed

    Interesting facts, but I really love the color combination.

  5. Sandra A LaCroix

    Very interesting! I really enjoy reading your articles. Thank you! ( :


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