Puss Moth

September 12, 2022

You may have seen a puss moth around your home. The good news is scientists often consider them as a sure sign that the environment is healthy and thriving. They love feeding on willow and poplar leaves, so if you have one of these trees around your home, you are most likely to see one around. Read the full article to learn fun facts about this small but fierce insect.

Puss moths look like an array of other insects, including butterflies. These distinguishing features include the formic acid they produce and the velvety texture that makes them look like cats. Here are a few fun facts about the puss moths.

Fun Facts

  • Puss moths use the moonlight to navigate the night because they are primarily nocturnal creatures. Human lights disorient the species and keep them from hunting and mating.
  • The species prefers feeding on willow and poplar leaves.
  • Their main predators include birds and bats. Lizards and frogs will feed on them if they can catch them.
  • The puss moth can shoot formic acid at threats as a defense mechanism. This is the same venom produced by bees.
  • Scientists often view puss moths as a sign the environment is healthy.
  • Deforestation and insecticides are a significant threat to the puss moth's population.


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