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May 5, 2022

Puffins are also known as Sea Parrots or Clown of the Sea. The Atlantic puffins have white and black feathers. The beaks of these Puffins are large and parrot-like. The Puffins are small birds usually measuring around 25cm in length.

Puffins enjoy spending their lives out of the sea. Whenever the Puffins are not swimming, they rest on the water waves. The Puffin species are available on the eastern coast of Canada and the United States. Also, the Puffin lives in parts of the Western coast of Europe.

Interesting Facts about the Puffin

  • A Puffin belongs to a class of birds and has various names worldwide 
  • The main habitats of the Puffin are the open sea and ocean.
  • The plumage or feathers of the Puffin is essential in keeping the Puffins warm
  • The Puffins are cute birds ideal for cold climatic conditions and moist or tropical areas.
  • The Puffins are silent creatures, but they communicate by moving their bodies, heads, and eyes differently to pass a message. Also, the Puffins make pig-like grunting noises to attract their mate. The Puffins produce a weird growling sound resembling a toy’s chainsaw in their breeding burrows.
  • The Puffins weigh around 0.81-1.06 lb.
  • The baby Puffins are considered chicks
  • The Puffins do not pose any danger, and they are peaceful seabirds.
  • Although loved by people worldwide, the Puffins are not suitable pets.


  1. Patricia Blake

    This is an adorable little guy!

  2. Diane Schmitt

    I do so love little puffins!

  3. Margery Spofford

    I was in Iceland in April 2017, too early for the puffins. But decades ago my father took the family to the vey eastern portion of Maine to see puffins. They are adorable!


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