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September 8, 2022

The pufferfish is one of the ocean's most captivatingly unique fish. It contains toxins that discourage predators from consuming them. They are also known for inflating their elastic bellies with water and sometimes air to achieve a larger, rounder shape as a defense mechanism.

Pufferfish are mainly found in the tropics and temperate zones. It is hard to find pufferfish living in cold waters like the Arctic Ocean. Here are a few fun facts about this cute but often deadly fish.

Fun Facts

  • The pufferfish prefers to live in warm waters and can be found in the ocean or estuaries.
  • It takes four days for pufferfish eggs to hatch. Once hatched, the fry is barely visible to the human eye.
  • Puffer fish have a variety of defense mechanisms, including poison, spiked skin, and self-inflation using water or air if they are out of water.
  • Despite being poisonous, the pufferfish is considered a delicacy in China, Korea, and Japan. However, the fish is only prepared by trained and certified chefs who know their way around the deadly pufferfish organs.
  • Once consumed, pufferfish meat can cause lightheadedness, numbness of the lips, intoxication, or vomiting. In extreme cases, muscle paralysis is experienced together with hypotension and a prickly feeling all over the body.


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