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September 30, 2022

Just like shrimp, humans consume prawns in many parts of the world. The crustacean is found in many water bodies, predominantly in the southern hemisphere.

Most people find it hard to tell the difference between shrimp and prawns. They have a bit in common, but they are not the same animal. One of these crustaceans can be dinner, the other not so much. Here is a list of facts that can help you differentiate between shrimp and prawns.

Fun Facts

  • Just like shrimp, prawns have ten legs and an exoskeleton.
  • Prawns keep an omnivorous diet. They feed on decaying animal flesh and other plant matter.
  • Female prawns are bigger than male prawns.
  • Prawns can live for two years in the wild and longer if kept as pets
  • While young, prawns face threats from bottom-dwelling fish like cuttlefish that eat them.
  • Some prawn species eat mud and sand as part of their diet.


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