August 13, 2022

Today's animal of the day is the possum native to Australia, the land down under. They have developed similar features to the kangaroo, with young ones crawling into their mother's pouch to feed and stay warm. This species is not to be confused with the American Opossum, which bears very similar qualities to the Australian possum.

Fun Facts

  • Possums belong to the kingdom Animalia. Their scientific name is phalangeriformes.
  • Possums can eat insects and rats around the homestead, which is why some homeowners keep them as pets.
  • There are 69 species of possum currently living in Australia. Twenty-seven of them are currently endangered species.
  • The average possum carries her young for 16 to 17 days before delivery of the usually two young ones. In nature, this mammal can survive between 5 to 10 years and even longer in human homes where they are safe.
  • All possum species are covered in fur, at least on the top.
  • Possums will range in size, with some species as small as three inches. Their main threats in the wild include snakes, cats, tigers, and owls.
  • A male possum is called a jack, and a female one is called a jill.


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