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Old English Sheepdog

August 30, 2022

The Old English sheepdog, more commonly referred to as OES, is a gentle giant with an easygoing disposition. You might also hear of this dog referred to as a “bobtail” because initially, the breed had its tails docked. The OES has a thick double coat, so they definitely require grooming and maintenance. This intelligent dog breed is excellent with kids and family in general and makes for a wonderful watchdog because of its sharp bark. Despite their large size, the OES is a great pet to keep in your apartment if you set time apart to play and work off some energy.

Fun Facts

  • The OES originated from England, where they were used as a herding size because of their large size.
  • In the past, the OES had their tails docked.
  • The average lifespan of an OES is ten to twelve years.
  • The dog breed does not shed as much as other breeds unless brushed.
  • The average OES stands at 21-22 inches at the shoulders.
  • Most OES owners are attracted by the dog's thick coat that covers their eyes. The double coat requires thorough grooming every few weeks. Owners have to spare time to brush and clip nails often.
  • Most OES breeds are intelligent and easy to train. As with most dog breeds, it is essential to socialize an OES pup earlier.

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  1. Buford Jones

    Hello, where is this dog? Can he be adopted? He is beautiful!


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