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October 30, 2022

A lynx is a medium-sized cat found in snowy backgrounds mostly. It has pointy ears, and its name refers to the luminous quality of its eyes.

There are four known species of Lynx— the Bobcat, the Eurasian Lynx, the Canada Lynx, and the Iberian Lynx. They are similar in appearance; however, their size varies from species to species.

Fun Facts:

  • These cats are members of the family Felidae.
  • The word Lynx originates from the Greek word λυγξ derived from the Indo-European root leuk, which refers to the Lynx's luminous eyes.
  • Lynx hunt by stalking their prey and pouncing on them; they are like assassins; they hide in the trees and use the forest cover to move closer to the prey.
  • During the winter, the Eurasian Lynx's coat turns grayish brown.
  • Many people don't know this, but a Lynx has a ruff with black bars, which looks like a mostly invisible bow tie.
  • The Lynx mating season is once a year during the end of winter/
  • Lynx have a 70-day gestation period. Females give birth to four kittens.
  • Lynx are carnivores. They feed on a wide range of prey foxes, birds, mice, and other small prey.
  • Though the Lynx hunts on the ground, they are good swimmers and climbers known to follow prey up trees and into the water.
  • The Lynx conservation status is listed as “Least Concern.” However, populations of the Eurasian Lynx have dwindled drastically.


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  1. Danny Tompkins

    could you send a recording of their call during mating season


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