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Leopard Frog

August 19, 2022

The leopard frog is a frog species native to Canada and North America. They are quite common, especially around swampy areas or ponds. The average leopard frog is small; they are about the size of a teacup and would easily fit in the palm of your hand. They range from about 3-5 inches in length. As their name indicates, this frog species has spots similar to those found on a leopard. Their body color is usually brown or green, allowing them to camouflage in grassy, moist areas very well. The average lifespan of the leopard frog is 3-4 years.

Fun Facts

  • Leopard frogs are not picky about what they eat. Instead, they will ingest anything they can fit in their mouth, including younger members of their species.
  • Leopard frogs have a golden-colored iris.
  • The scientific term for leopard frogs is Lithobates, the Genus of the Frog.
  • Leopard frogs lay about 1500 eggs in the water.
  • Females are slightly larger than males.
  • Because they leave the water and venture into moist undergrowth, some people call them the meadow frog.
  • The leopard frog produces ribonucleases in its female reproductive organs, which are currently in use for the development of cancer treatment trials.

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  1. Caryn Tinder

    Why was I asked if I want a pet frog, but was given no option to avail myself?


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