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September 11, 2022

Lemmings are small furry animals that come in a variety of colors. Most commonly, they are dark brown, light brown, or gray. The belief that lemmings jump off cliffs and commit mass suicides is not true. They have massive population bursts before spreading widely to different biome sections. This migration pattern has instigated these myths.  

Lemmings are small rodent-like creatures of the order Rodentia. They are found in snowy and tundra surroundings. In the 1900s cinema, they are portrayed as suicidal creatures that follow each other to death. This myth has been debunked numerous times; they move widely after population booms, possibly jumping into the sea as they migrate.

Fun Facts:

  • Lemmings do not hibernate. Unlike other arctic creatures, lemmings do not go into hibernation; they stay active in harsh winters looking for food.
  • Lemmings live underground. They have an organized system of living which majorly consists of underground tunnels. Their tunnels are split into living, nesting, and toilet areas.
  • The favorite meal for these creatures is seeds, but they also feed on roots, berries, and shoots, which they dig in the snow to get.
  • Lemmings are tiny creatures; as expected, they do not move very fast. Their top speed is three mph
  • Foxes, owls, and other predators hunt lemmings. Their only defense is to act aggressively
  • Lemmings breed massively before dispersing to different places. They have large population booms and even faster fluctuation; some experts credit predators with these changes.


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