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Javan Rhinoceros

September 7, 2022

The Javan Rhinoceros is an extremely endangered species found on Java island in Indonesia. The remaining Javan rhinos are found in Ujung Kulon National Park and are protected by rhino protection units. The population has steadily increased in the last ten years thanks to careful diligence from relevant parties. Read the full article to learn fun facts about the Javan rhino.

Increasing wild Javan rhino numbers is a hefty task for conservationists as this endangered species births one calf every two to four years. The female carries a calf for 16 months. Here are a few more fun facts about the Javan rhino.

Fun facts

  • Javan rhinos can only be found in Ujung Kulon National park on Java island, Indonesia.
  • Currently, less than 100 Javan rhinos roam the wild, making them critically endangered species.
  • The gray-colored giants have humans to contend with once fully grown, as tigers rarely attack grown rhinos.
  • Javan rhinos only have one horn that can grow up to 10 inches. Poachers are most likely looking to get the horn of animals they kill.
  • Rhino horns are used to create an anti-fever medication.
  • It is thought that a Javan rhino can live anywhere between 30 to 60 years, and females can have young ones from six.

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    It is too bad there was not a full body shot instead of mostly water.


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