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Irish Wolfhound

May 14, 2022

Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest dogs in the world: in fact, they can surpass an average human height when it stands on their hind legs. Although they have been prized as courageous hunters for centuries, these dogs are truly gentle giants with a sweet temperament and thrive on companionship. Accordingly, they do not make good guard dogs.

Fascinating Facts About the Irish Wolfhound

There is more to know about these gigantic dogs than their sweet temperament.

They Were Hunters

Irish Wolfhounds native to Ireland are popular for their hunting behavior. People used them for hunting wolves, bears, cougars, wild boars, and Irish elk.

The Heartbreak Dog

Irish Wolfhounds are also referred to as “the heartbreak dogs” due to their short lifespan. They experience many health problems such as tumors, heart diseases, and gastric issues. Therefore, consider these facts before you own this giant breed to avoid being heartbroken.


Owning an Irish Wolfhound can be expensive as you are likely to spend more money on food, pet supplies, and medication on this giant breed.

Easy to Groom

This giant breed does not shed a lot; therefore, you can brush its coat about once a week


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