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May 3, 2022

Iguanas are large lizards with a sturdy structure and saggy skin around their spines and throats. Iguanas are popular house pets and are commonly found in Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and South and Central America.

Interesting Facts About Iguana

Below are some fascinating facts about Iguanas that you may not have known:

Surviving Great Falls

Iguanas can survive great falls. Even though they are very stable and safe in trees, they occasionally fall. Interestingly, they can survive falls from 40 to 50 feet without any injury.

Rough Beginnings

A mother iguana lays eggs and covers them up, moving away. When baby iguanas hatch, they have to dig their way up. They are also on their own for survival.

Social Creatures

This is quite contrary to the previous fact. Adult iguanas are very social as they like to live and eat together.

What is in the Name Green Iguana?

Although these large lizards are usually referred to as “green iguanas,” some have different colors, such as orange, purple, or blue.

They Hate the Cold

Iguanas live in warm environments and enjoy sunny days. They need high temperatures to survive.

Keen Sense of Eyesight

Iguanas have a keen sense of eyesight that enables them to navigate easily. Iguanas also communicate with their eyes.

Other Fascinating Facts About Iguanas

  • Their main predators are hawks, eagles, and snakes
  • Main Prey: Insects, Fruit, Leaves
  • Skin type: scales
  • Animal type: reptile
  • Iguanas can achieve a top speed of 21 mph
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years

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  1. Isidoro Gun

    Iguanas are a pest in Florida the gov shoul investigate how to get rid of them they reproduce by great numbers and are a constant problem having to clean Al their stuff cling to the roof digging foundations etc


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