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June 1, 2022

The horse is a mostly domesticated hoofed animal. Horses are adapted to run, allowing them to escape predators quickly. They possess an excellent sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight response. Horses have been part of our society for centuries. Horses have been used in athletics, as companions, and for working purposes. Although these magnificent creatures are well-known, some of the following facts about them may surprise you.

Fun Facts About Horses

Horses can sleep while standing up.

Horses have a “stay-apparatus,” a system of tendons and ligaments that enables a horse to lock its legs and relax without falling over.

Horses have ten different muscles in their ears.

These 10 different muscles allow horse ears to rotate nearly 180 degrees. They also move independently of each other.

Horses have a nearly 360-degree field of vision.

The eyes of a horse are positioned on the sides of its head. Even though they have almost a 360-degree vision, these magnificent creatures have two blind spots: directly behind them and in front and below their nose.

Horses do not burp

Horses can neither burp, vomit or breathe through their mouths. Unlike other ruminants, they cannot regurgitate food and re-chew, but they have an efficient way of processing their foods. Since their digestive system is like a one-way street, they can suffer from conditions that lead to colic.

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  1. Joseph Omollo Kaugo

    Horse are intelactual animals they learn very fast compared to other animals and interact well with human being .They have self discipline.


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