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Grizzly Bear

November 20, 2022

Grizzly bears originated from Eurasia approximately 50,000 years ago and migrated to the United States, where they have multiplied extensively. Today it is believed that the population of the grizzly bear is 60,000, with 30,000 of them living on the Alaskan coast. The population is considered to be stable and potentially even growing in some areas.

Grizzly bears are massive mammals with shiny brownish-black furry coats. Adult males can weigh up to an impressive 800 pounds!

Though grizzly bears are beautiful animals, they are considered to be dangerous to humans. This is because they tend to chase fleeing animals and are known to run up to 30 miles an hour! Because of this, if one ever encounters a grizzly bear, it is never recommended to try and run away.

Fun Facts:

· The name Grizzly originates from the word ‘grisly,' which means with silver or gray-tipped hair. Some records relate the word to gruesome or inspiring fear.

· A bear hump is a distinctive feature found on the back of Grizzly Bears; this feature is not noticed in Black bears.

· The Grizzly Bear's claws are approximately 51 – 104 mm long; these creatures are known to sink these claws into their prey.

· Grizzly bears are spread throughout America; they are found in over six states. Every year, there are average of 35 bear sightings in these states.

· Grizzly Bears hibernate for about 5 to 7 months; throughout this period, the female Grizzles give birth to young ones that breastfeed for the remainder of the hibernation period.

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