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Green Anole

September 10, 2022

Green anoles are easy to acquire and breed quickly- characteristics that make them suitable as a model reptile for genomics for the National Human Genome Research Institute genome sequencing. Green anoles are small lizards that make for low-maintenance, inexpensive pets. A healthy population of green anoles exists in the wild.

Green anoles are commonly kept as pets but also survive in the wild. Their diet mainly consists of insects like dragonflies, butterflies, and flies. Their main predators include birds and snakes. Green anoles lay eggs in warm soil regularly throughout the breeding season.

Fun Facts

  • Green anole eggs depend on war temperatures to hatch, which means they cannot survive in cold environments.
  • Green anoles use their color, dewlap and head movements to communicate.
  • The species feeds on small insects and sometimes spiders.
  • They primarily reside in trees and shrubs. They are preyed on by snakes, birds and broadhead skinks.
  • There are about 425 species of green anoles in the world.


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