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Giant African Land Snail

June 29, 2022

The Giant African Land Snail is the biggest land-living snail in the world. They are found in the savannas of Africa and can survive for several years by only drinking moisture from their surroundings instead of feeding. The Giant African Land Snail is not always the most graceful creature on land, but they are stunning to watch in their natural environment!

Interesting Facts about the Giant African Land Snails

  • They are not considered genuinely invasive because they cannot reproduce fast enough.
  • Their garden-like habitat can provide them with a safe home with plenty of nutrients and water.
  • Giant African Land Snails only eat plants that grow on land, avoiding competition with other animals for food.
  • They make incredible and rewarding pets for children and adults
  • Giant African Land Snails are hermaphrodites with both male and female reproductive organs. These snails can self-fertilize; therefore, keeping a single snail can give you fertilized eggs.
  • Giant African Land Snails are not an actual threat in your garden, as they do not make any permanent changes to where they live.
  • They often burrow into the soil, making it hard to see them.

Characteristics of the Giant African Land Snails

  • They can have a shell that grows up to 6-7 inches in diameter and weigh as much as a half-pound.
  • These snails are large mollusks that can reach a length of 8 inches.
  • They have thousands of teeth arranged in rows on a chitinous ribbon and together to create a Radula.
  • Giant African land snails are nocturnal, but you can handle them anytime during the day.

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