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French Bulldog

June 13, 2022

If you are looking for a companion animal to share your life with, you may want to consider an adorable French Bulldog. Though the breed requires significant care and exercise, this breed is perfect for living with humans. The friendly, lively nature of the French Bulldog will no doubt be a welcome addition to many households.

French Bulldogs love companionship and don't require too much, making them easy to take care of and fun for kids and adults.

Fun Facts About French Bulldog

  • French Bulldogs Have Roots In England: It's interesting to know that the original ancestors of French bulldogs were bred in England. This breed was originally used as a companion animal by some English nobles. The first French Bulldogs are said to have been created from the Old English Bulldog, an ancestor of the modern Bulldog.
  • A Terrier Breed: The friendly and lively nature of the French Bulldog makes these dogs a perfect choice for families with children and other animals in the home. The French Bulldog doesn't want to be in your way. It is rather welcoming and friendly and loves to watch you with a happy smile on its face.
  • They Were Bred To Be Great Companions: During their early days, the breed wasn't used for any other purpose, but they were only bred to be companions to the owners. The breed's purpose was simple: make the owner happy.
  • A fully grown, healthy French Bulldog weighs between 16 and 28 pounds and stands about 12 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • French Bulldogs should be treated for fleas once a month, but if you are searching for the best flea treatment for your dog, you may consider buying a flea killer that contains herbs and vitamins instead of chemicals. You may also consider using a natural flea spray formula on your dog.
  • The average litter of a Frenchie has 4 pups in each litter, but these numbers can vary depending on the parents' quality. Having more than 5 puppies is unusual for a French bulldog. Besides, it is extremely rare to have 7 puppies. Most litters are delivered via Caesarean section.
  • They Can't Swim: Although the breed is perfectly adapted to live in the interior of houses, it isn't very good in water. It can't swim and therefore shouldn't be left alone in water pools or if you have an open pool at home.
  • They Make Great Babysitters: French Bulldogs are intelligent, loyal, and friendly. They love kids and don't care if the child is a boy or a girl.
  • They're Sensitive To Criticism: Yes, this dog is susceptible to criticism. Any harsh word from you might hurt their feelings, and it's easy to make them angry. So, for your French Bulldog's feelings and your relationship with it, you should be considerate when you criticize it. They respond better to positive reinforcement and encouragement.

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  1. Sepi Abed

    Perfect dog for me, since I’m very sensitive when it comes to criticism.


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