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Finnish Spitz

October 16, 2022

The Finnish Spitz is a hardy and intelligent dog breed from Switzerland. They're also known as “finkies” or “Finns.” Initially bred for bird hunting, the Finnish spitz has high stamina and can bark excessively. Their bark is often referred to as a “yodel.”

Finkies are medium-sized dogs with pointed muzzles, perky ears, and fox-like coloring. They have a double coat of soft fur and a curled tail. Male finkies are stockier, and females have more pointed muzzles. Their friendliness and loyalty make finkies great family dogs. They form strong bonds with their "pack" and are protective. Finkies are smart but hard to train because they get bored quickly.

Fun Facts

  • The breed's Finnish name is Suomenpystykorva, or "Finnish cock-eared dog."
  • Other names include “Finnish Barking Bird Dog” and “Finsk Spets.”
  • Finnish spitz can bark up to 160 times a minute when yodeling.
  • When hunting, Finkies distract birds in trees by mesmerizing them with tail wags and yodeling.
  • The Finnish spitz almost went extinct in the late 1800s due to interbreeding.
  • The Finnish spitz arrived in England in the 1920s and the United States in the 1960s.
  • Finkies live around 13-15 years on average.
  • A pale undercoat gives these dogs a distinctive "Finnish Spitz Glow."
  • Finn puppies are born dark with black hairs that fade.
  • Finland holds annual contests to find the "King Barker" among the Finnish spitz.


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