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Epagneul Pont Audemer

November 30, 2022

The Epagneul Pont Audemer is an active breed that originated from interbreeding several water spaniel breeds. These dogs are easy to train, fun-loving and affectionate.

As the population of the water spaniel breeds started to decline rapidly during the 19th century, around 1980, the French merged them with the Picardy Spaniel to avoid extinction.

Fun Facts:

  • The Epagneul Pont Audemer has a delightfully curly coat, a muscular and sturdy body, and a deep chest.
  • In France, the Epagneul Pont Audemer is popularly known as the Little Clown of Marshes.
  • The breed does well around guns and in water.
  • The Pont Audemer is a rare breed that saw a rapid population decline after World War II.
  • The United Kennel Club officially recognized the Epagneul Pont Audemer in 1996.
  • The Epagneul Pont Audemer is rarely identified as a family pet.
  • During the 20th century, the Epagneul Pont Audemer was used for hunting wild ducks in wet conditions.
  • This breed is a happy, gentle dog bred to hunt; they are agile and adaptable, with a sharp sense of smell. They are also good swimmers with excellent retrieving abilities.
  • Epagneul Pont Audemers make great family companions and are known to be great with children. However, they are more suited to bigger houses, as they require a great deal of space.


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