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May 20, 2022

A Doxle dog is not a purebred; it is a mix of Beagles and Dachshunds. The Doxle dogs are first-generation dogs; they were bred a few years ago. Doxle dogs have grown in popularity in the past two decades, although still relatively new.

Doxle dogs are alert; thus, they are excellent watchdogs. Also, their hunting abilities are top-notch, which causes problems for other animals. However, these dogs can be controlled using sufficient exercise from a young age.

Here is information to help you learn more about this healthy breed, Doxle;

Characteristics of a Doxle

  • The Doxle dogs have relatively small legs, but they can run faster.
  • Doxle dogs are available in tan, black, chocolate, golden, brown, and white colors.
  • The fur of Doxle dogs varies, but it can be straight, harsh, fine, and wiry.
  • They are small to medium-sized, weighing about 30 pounds.
  • Doxle dogs are likely to have long muzzles and long floppy ears.
  • Doxle dogs have dark, big, round eyes.
  • They have black noses.
  • A Doxle is not hypoallergenic.

Interesting Facts about the Doxle

  • They are intelligent, loyal, playful dogs.
  • They are affectionate and friendly; thus, they make great pets.
  • Doxle dogs are excellent watchdogs and are pretty protective.
  • They need regular grooming to stay healthy. Brushing a week thrice will be helpful.
  • Brushing the teeth of the Doxle dogs will prevent dental issues.
  • Cleaning the ears using damp cotton wool will prevent ear infection


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