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Desert Rain Frog

August 2, 2022

The desert rain frog is, as its name suggests, a frog that inhabits arid regions. They live in Chile, Peru, Namibia, and South Africa.

They are not as big as some frogs, only six centimeters long. They also sport a light brown color with darker markings on their back reminiscent of tiger or zebra stripes. The light-brown hue camouflages them against the desert dirt while they move around looking for food at nighttime.

Here is more information to widen our understanding of the Desert Rain Frog;

Interesting Facts about the Desert Rain Frog

  • These frogs do not just look like tigers or zebras. It turns out that they also produce a mating call that sounds a lot like a tiger’s roar or a zebra’s braying. The male makes the mating call to attract females to his pool.
  • The desert rain frog is not an aquatic frog despite its name. They can survive in water but usually live on the ground and in burrows. These frogs are only seen in contact with water when it rains.
  • When it rains, they come out of their burrows and will take the opportunity to mate or find a new home in the soil. As soon as the rain stops, they go back into their hole to wait for more rain.
  • They have about 25 eggs at a time, and the mother frog lays her eggs in a burrow on land. She doesn’t even have a pool of water to lay her eggs in! The eggs take about three weeks to hatch into tadpoles.


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