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April 11, 2022

There is a widespread misconception that corals are rocks or plants, but the truth is, they are animals. The corals exist in hard and soft varieties, but they live together in big groups known as colonies.

The corals make an exciting life form of the planet whose beauty can be distributed worldwide. But unfortunately, corals are at risk of destruction by unavoidable issues.

Below is information that will help us understand the corals;

Interesting Facts about the Corals

  • Coral Reefs are home to a quarter of the marine species. Over 4,000 species of fish depend on the corals.
  • Corals are a source of food for fish that provide food for humans.
  • Corals need sunlight to grow. They grow best at depths less than 70 meters for easy access to sunlight.
  • Corals are essential in protecting coastal communities from storms and water surges. They act as barriers for slowing water and preventing coastal erosion.
  • The large Corals are between 5,000 to 10,000 years old.
  • Corals enhance the structural integrity of the sea bed.
  • Corals use Calcium Carbonate to grow hard shells.
  • Corals are fragile, and they become white when they die.
  • Corals grow slowly, about 10cm a year.
  • Corals have a symbiotic relationship with plants that grow on them. They rely on each other for survival.
  • The Coral polyps are the ones that build the Coral reefs.
  • The Coral do not change; they are as they were from the time of the dinosaurs.
  • The Algae that appears on the coral reefs is an animal.
  • Corals may be effective in treating cancer and related infections.


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