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Chinese Crested Dog

April 6, 2022

Chinese Crested dogs come in two types—Powderpuff and Hairless. However, many people associate the Chinese Crested dog with the hairless variety. Hairless Chinese Crested dogs only have hair on their legs, tail and head; the rest is completely bare.  The Powderpuff, on the other hand, has a full coat. 

Other than its unique appearance, there are many interesting facts about the Chinese Crested. 

Breed Overview: 

  • Not surprisingly, this breed comes from China. Before that, these dogs came from Africa.
  • Their nicknames are crested or puff. 
  • Chinese Crested dogs were used for hunting rats on ships.


  • Chinese Crested dogs can be cream, black, chocolate, blue, or apricot in color. 
  • Some Chinese Crested dogs have long flowing coats.
  • They weigh between 7-12 pounds and are 10-13 inches high. 
  • These dogs can live for 15 years. 


  • Their average litter size is 2-5 puppies. 
  • Both a Hairless and a Powderpuff can be present in the same litter, but only if the parents were both Hairless. 
  • Two Powderpuff parents will never produce a Hairless Chinese Crested. 


  • Chinese Crested dogs are prone to luxating patellas or kneecaps that slide out of place. 
  • This breed is also susceptible to thyroid disease, cancer, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. 
  • You will have to take extra precautions to keep your Hairless Chinese Crested healthy and safe in the sun. 


  • Chinese Cresteds love their people and are often considered velcro-dogs.
  • Your Chinese Crested is a master escape artist when left alone. It may also engage in other destructive behavior as a way to cope with separation.
  • These small dogs are great dogs to carry around, so they often appear in movies.


  1. mike

    have two one puff and hairless,great dogs

  2. Valerie Moe

    My crested is a hairy hairless. He has a strip of hair on his back as well. His brother was a powder puff all white he is a tri-colored. Very sweet and kind. He watches TV and responds to other dogs he sees on TV. I love him!


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