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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

September 25, 2022

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an American retriever dog applauded for its diligence, tirelessness, and hunt retrieving attributes.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (Chessies) are hardworking Mid-Atlantic dogs known for their hunting confidence. They are not gun-shy and will labor tirelessly to ensure they retrieve the hunter's kill. They are not popular for their friendliness, especially to strangers; this trait makes them excellent watchdogs.

Fun Facts

  • Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have a wavy coat that feels oily when you touch.
  • Chesapeake Bay Retrievers were developed in America by Market hunters to retrieve waterfowl, pull fishing nets, and rescue fishermen.
  • Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are athletic dogs that don't tire quickly; they have been known to compete in dog competitions.
  • Chessies are considered to be even-tempered; they don't excite easily.
  • The Chesapeake Bay Retriever earned the name for being a perfect retriever dog for hunters in the 18th century; the perfect cross retrieved 300 ducks daily.
  • The first Chesapeake Bay Retrievers were male and female dogs named Sailor and Canton, respectively.
  • Hunters found the first Chesapeake Bay Retrievers off the coast of Maryland from a distressed British Ship in 1807. Two puppies, Sailor and Canton, were both Newfoundlands but were trained and intentionally bred until the Chesapeake Bay Retriever emerged.
  • Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are loyal, tireless hard workers that "get their paws dirty" retrieving hunts for their owners.


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