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Boykin Spaniel

May 11, 2022

The Boykin Spaniel is a dog breed created in South Carolina in the US for hunting turkeys and waterfowl in the state’s River swamps. This medium-size brown dog is the state dog of South Carolinians, who discovered it and was further developed by hunters in the 1900s.

The Boykin Spaniel encompasses the best of the spaniel’s talents and personality, for instance, its ability to flush and retrieve, cute hanging ears, and willingness to work. Moreover, this dog breed is amiable and ready to please. Despite being a great all-around born hunter, the Boykin Spaniel makes a pleasant companion in the home structure due to its convenient size, alertness, self-confidence, intelligence, and outgoing nature towards people. However, early socialization and basic obedience training are recommended at an early age. Also, the Boykin requires at least a daily walk or a play in the yard to spend its energy.

Characteristics of The Boykin Spaniel

  • They are fantastic swimmers
  • They are fast learners; hence easy to train
  • They have a life expectancy of about 14-16 years
  • The male Boykins are 15.5 to 18 inches tall and weigh 30 to 40 pounds
  • The female Boykins are 14 to 16.5 inches tall and weigh 25 to 35 pounds
  • They can give birth to about 5 – 7 puppies
  • They get along with other dogs and children
  • They are energetic and active during training
  • Their outer coat is medium-length, flat – slightly wavy with a short, dense undercoat which keeps them warm while retrieving from water
  • They are average shedders
  • They have light feathering covers on the chest, legs, ears, and belly
  • They have a rich brown, solid liver color or dark chocolate color

Furthermore, the Boykin Spaniel is a sporting breed with stamina even when temperatures are high, a quality that makes it popular among hunters. Being a great family companion, his compact size enables families to include him on many outdoor outings, such as camping trips or hunting. When it comes to grooming a Boykin, the medium-length coat requires weekly brushing and occasional trimming to keep it neat.

Fun Facts

  • Boykin was developed in the United States in the 20th century
  • Boykin was developed mainly for hunting in the states river swamps
  • Boykin is the State Dog of South Carolina
  • September 1st is Boykin Spaniel Day in the South Carolina
  • The Boykin is one of the rare breeds named after a specific person

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  1. Jay Brown

    If somebody wanted to buy a Boykin Spaniel, how would it cost?


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