Bernese Shepherd

October 18, 2022

The Bernese Shepherd is a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the German Shepherd. They're big dogs with a thick, fluffy coat. Coming from two working-dog breeds, Bernese Shepherds are strong, energetic, and love to please their trainer. They're intelligent, easy to train, and herding is their specialty.

Also known as a Euro Mountain Shephernese and German Mountain, Bernese Shepherds can inherit their attributes from either parent. There's no standard coloring. Bernese Mountain Dogs and German Shepherds have a range of colors, and Bernese Shepherd puppies could be any of these. These dogs are usually an even mix between their parents but sometimes favor one.

Bernese Shepherds make wonderful family pets. They're loving and loyal goofballs. While sweet with loved ones, Bernese Shepherds are protective. Most of the time, though, they warm up to strangers quickly. These big dogs are high-energy. This makes them great outdoor companions, whether it's hiking or working on a farm.

Fun Facts:

  • Bernese Shepherds are "designer dogs," meaning they're a mix of two purebreds.
  • This is a new designer breed, so it's not yet recognized by kennel clubs and doesn't have set standards.
  • Bernese Shepherds are prone to separation anxiety.
  • Bernese Shepherds are often confused for Rottweilers.
  • Pedigreed Bernese Shepherd puppies cost around $700 on average.
  • Bernese Shepherds are popular on social media because of their silly demeanor.
  • The Bernese Shepherd lives an average of 9-12 years.



  1. Kirk Charles Lindamood

    how in the world could ANYONE ever mistake a berneseshepherd for a rottweiler???? that is ridiculous as ridiculous can be!! and i wrong? prove it!!

  2. Greg

    is the Bernese Shepherd different then a Bernese Mountain ?


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