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Banded Palm Civet

April 14, 2022

The Banded Palm Civet (Hemigalus derbyanus) is also known as the Banded Civet. The Banded Civet is an uncommon species of civet found in tropical jungles. The Banded Palm Civet is also common throughout the rainforests of south-east Asia, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Here is additional information about the Banded Palm Civet.

Facts about the Banded Civet:

  • The Banded Palm Civet weighs around 1.4kg -4.5kg.
  • It has a height of around 43cm-71cm.
  • A Banded Civet is a carnivore that mainly preys on rodents, snakes, and frogs.
  • The predators of the Banded Palm Civet are lions, leopards, and snakes.
  • Its habitat is mainly the tropical rainforests.
  • The Banded Palm Civet’s skin is covered by fur that is either black, white, tan, brown, yellow, or gray.
  • Its lifespan is around 15-20 years.
  • A Banded Palm Civet has an elongated body and a snout with sharp pointed teeth.
  • It is a mammal with an average litter size of 2.
  • The Banded Palm Civet can make an excellent pet when given proper care.
  • It can climb trees when searching for food or escaping from its predators.
  • A Banded Palm Civet is a nocturnal animal that is solitary and highly territorial.
  • It has a close relationship with the Weasels and mongooses.
  • The Banded Palm Civet sleeps in caves, tree holes and dark places during the daytime.
  • Its pregnancy period lasts about 32 to 64 days. The female Banded Palm Civet gives birth to blind, deaf, and helpless babies. The babies learn to walk, climb trees and additional survival skills within 18 days.

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  1. Ron Nily

    Wow way cool!
    While im against keeping any wild animals as pets ! ( it encourages the taking of animals from the wild!) but must say this sounds like a really cool animal!


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