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August 28, 2022

There are 91 species of antelope worldwide. The eland is the world's largest antelope species. Sedentary species are common in forests, woodlands, and grasslands, while migratory species are common in the plains. All antelope species are ruminant herbivores, with most species inhabiting the African savannas.

Antelopes have a sharp sense of hearing to detect distant predators. They are predominantly in Africa, and they sometimes follow zebras, leading them to good pastures. Antelopes are fascinating mammals; the wildebeest migrate in herds of thousands, while the impala is the second fastest mammal after cheetahs.

Antelopes are common prey for lions, cheetahs, pythons, and large birds in Africa. But they are adaptable, with incredible speed and an acute sense of hearing and smell, which helps them to perceive danger during the day and night.

Antelopes also have horns, which are efficient weapons for defense; and in most species, both males and females have horns. Males clash horns to compete for females during the mating season.

Different species employ different defense strategies. Large antelopes like the wildebeest rely on numbers to intimidate predators; forest antelopes have good hearing and sense of smell to detect the enemy. Additionally, open grassland antelopes have nowhere to hide, so they are fast runners, while the oryx are capable of fighting back when escape is not an option.

Fun Facts:

  • The antelope is almost as fast as a cheetah! They have incredible speed, agility, and stamina
  • Most antelope species live in African savannas, with plenty of grasslands.
  • Antelopes living on plains often migrate in search of greener pastures.
  • Antelopes live almost exclusively in savannahs, and 25-40 species live over much of East Africa.
  • Antelopes are ruminants; they have well-developed molars that grind cud into pulp for further digestion.
  • There are 91 antelope species worldwide.
  • An antelope's horns grow continuously throughout its life.
  • A group of antelopes is referred to as a herd.


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