Amur Leopard

September 17, 2022

The Amur Leopard is similar to the regular leopard, except it is found predominantly in Russia. It has tremendous physical abilities and is well adapted to handle Russian snow.

The Amur Leopard is on the brink of extinction with fewer than 100 are left. The Chinese and Russian governments began collaboration in 2014 to protect the Amur Leopard.

Fun Facts

  • The Amur Leopard is reported to have a horizontal leap of 13 feet and a vertical of 10 feet.
  • The Amur Leopard is on the brink of extinction; they have a beautiful fur coat for which the natives hunt the cat.
  • Amur Leopards have a thick furry coat which they wrap around themselves to keep warm.
  • The Leopard gets its name from the Amur river that runs across China and Russia.
  • It is a nimble and majestic cat capable of stalking and taking down its prey with careful and calculated leaps.
  • It’s often known to carry its prey or carcasses to protect the hunt from other prey. Like the African Leopard, the Amur leopard runs at a speed of 37 miles per hour.
  • There is an initiative where people get to adopt Amur Leopards to protect the dwindling population.
  • The efforts to conserve the Amur Leopard's home have benefited the Amur Tigers and deer found in the region.
  • Despite these efforts, the Amur Leopard is still one of the most rare and critically endangered species in the world.


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