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American Coonhound

October 15, 2022

The American Coonhound is a loveable creature that has turned into a popular household pet. There are many reasons why families have chosen to add this breed to their home, including their playful personality and low-maintenance demeanor.

Fun Facts:

  • It is believed that George Washington had a Coonhound. He was an avid fox hunter and bred hounds for the job.
  • American Coonhounds love to climb trees. This is unique because they are one of the few breeds of dogs that are known to regularly climb up trees in a similar fashion to that of cats. They are especially prone to climbing when in pursuit of prey.
  • You do not want to have an American Coonhound if you are expecting a silent animal. The Coonhound is known to be extremely talkative and will make a host of different sounds to alert its owners to what is going on around them.
  • American Coonhounds are also known for their speed. They can chase down their prey, and they have incredible stamina when doing so.
  • They were bred to hunt raccoons and are still used for hunting today. Some Coonhound breeds also hunt foxes.  
  • These dogs are incredibly resilient. This is particularly true when going after prey. They will keep going until they've finished their job.
  • American Coonhounds have boundless amounts of energy, making them ideal for hunting and playing games.
  • American Coonhounds have evolved into quite the watchdog. That is their role in the modern family.
  • American Coonhounds are extremely loyal and affectionate towards their human owners.
  • They are good with children, but they should be introduced to them from an early age.




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