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African Forest Elephant

September 6, 2022

African forest elephants are, by large, considered the distant cousins of the African savanna elephant. Because the species occupies dense rainforests of West and Central Africa, it is hard to determine the exact population through traditional methods.

The African forest elephant is definitely smaller than its distant relative, the savanna elephant.

Fun Facts:

  • The African forest elephant goes by the scientific name Loxodonta Cyclotis which refers to the lozenge shape of their tasks.
  • The African forest elephant grows tasks that do not curve; instead, they grow straight down towards the ground. Sometimes, African forest elephants grow tusks that reach the ground while standing.
  • African forest elephants are herbivorous and therefore feed on plant materials. They are often referred to as mega gardeners, ensuring the survival of their ecosystems.
  • Seeds passed through the elephant's gut germinate faster.Therefore, these elephants play a crucial role in maintaining a green world around their habitat.
  • In 2021, the species was added to the critically endangered species red list after it was estimated that around 86% of the population was lost in a span of ten years.
  • In the wild, a fully grown, healthy African forest elephant has no real threat except for humans through poaching, habitat segmentation and deforestation.

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  1. Aileen Klarmann

    Could you change your text to give elephants ‘tusks’ and not ‘tasks’

    Thank you
    from an African ‘bush baby’


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