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Wood Bison

February 16, 2022

The wood bison stays in the grass and sedge meadows across British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba and Northwest territories. Wood Bison have also been seen at Alaska’s Inoko Flats across the lower Yukon River.

The wood bison is affected by cold weather and massive snowfall that make grazing challenging.

Interesting Facts about Wood Bison

  • It is the largest native terrestrial land mammal living in North America.
  • The wood bison is one of the 11 animals that survived in Canada.
  • The wood bison calf is red when at birth.
  • These animals have a unique upward hump at the base of the neck
  • The wood bison forms herds during the mating season.

Wood Bison Habitat

The habitat of the wood bison is determined by its location. Some wood bison prefer living in the native savannas with the grass edges. Other wood bison live in open land and the pastures of coniferous forest. The wood bison also prefer living in areas with access to water, especially during the summer.

The Life Span of Wood Bison

A free wood bison lives between 10 to 20 years in a harsh forest environment. However,  wood bison can live up to old age when kept in captivity.

Reproduction of Wood Bison

Female wood bison give birth to a young calf every year when they attain physical maturity. The wood Bison has a gestation period of 9 months, similar to that of a man. A young calf weighs an estimate of 30 to 70 lb.

Hostile environments and habitat loss are a threat to the future of the wood bison.


  1. Vada Billings

    How fast can they run was not answered 🤔

  2. P M

    The Wood Bison can’t run… it is made of wood…!!!

    • CHARLES M.

      Real intelligent comment .

  3. AJ

    The question was never answered. “How fast can a wood bison run?”

  4. Kathryn Niedner

    Wondering how the wood bison compares in size to the bison found in Yellowstone National Park and elsewhere in North America?

  5. Susan

    Male bison or male mammals do not give birth.

  6. David

    I read that the range of Bisons were from Canada all the way south to the borders of the USA. This was before human industrialism began to put obstacles on their plains and travel ways.

  7. vic pomarico

    no that’s a WOODEN bison!

  8. Lorrie Harris

    How are these different from the Bison who used to roam the plains of the USA in the thousands?

  9. John Bowser

    would guess around 25-35 mph

  10. John Bowser

    30 mph

  11. TERRY

    They are real and can run just like other bison species. TE

  12. Sandy

    I’m learning a lot about animals even at the “ripe old age of 76” thanks to your website!

  13. carl g.

    so what’s the answer , same old s—

  14. Robin

    Lol with wood comment!
    I believe they can run 40 mph as fast as a horse!
    They can jump vertically taller than I.. over 5 feet!

  15. Janice Braun

    The answer that is not addressed in the article is 25 mph.

  16. April Dawn Gudikunst

    Please give the credit of having a 9 month gestation period to the female. Change it to “similar to a human baby.” Not a Man!!

  17. Pamela C Mathis

    That’s amazing you’d even think that lot less believe it. They are real plus they can run faster than you would believe.

  18. mac

    These massive and beautiful creatures have been reintroduced into Alaska. They are doing well so far.

  19. jim scott

    It is slightly larger than my regular Bison. They breed in October so the calf will be born in the spring making it easier on the cow and the calf. The calf will be off the cow by fall but still will be protected by the cow until it is at least a year old. The “ole wives tale” that they are mean and will kill you is false. Mine (9) are about as mean as a real vicious goldfish. If you walked into the pasture with a bucket of sweet feed and did not share then maybe a different outcome could and probably would happen.

    They have a concealed utter, like a horse, probably from many years on the plains so they are not exposed to predators and you. The calf is small so it not as
    evident the cow has dropped a calf. The calf is up soon and ready to travel with the herd for protection. The hide has an extra layer of hair for warmth which
    is shed the next spring.

  20. Jean

    “Man” does not have a gestation period. Women do or you could say human.

  21. Lwkent

    As intelligent as a Wood Bison made of wood. Rather like a tree stump!

  22. Mark

    I wonder how they are as a house pet.

  23. ruko

    Similar to that of a man?? Pregnant man? I didn’t know that.

  24. Boase Patricia

    Gestation period of 9 months, similar to that of a MAN! Really!?


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