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Wolf Spider

February 10, 2022

Today let’s learn about the wolf spider that belongs to the Phylum Arthropoda and the class Arachnida. The scientific name for the wolf spider’s family is Lycosidae, which means wolf in the Greek language. People saw it hunting like a wolf, hence the name.

Here are some other facts about wolf spiders. 

Fun Facts:

  • A wolf spider has eight eyes. The two prominent eyes in the middle make the wolf spider different from other spiders. Their eyesight is also excellent, further distinguishing them.
  • A baby wolf spider is a hatchling/spiderling.
  • A female wolf spider carries the eggs. Plus, they take care of the young spiders and hold them until they are smart and large enough to look after themselves.
  • The wolf spider can camouflage, so it would be hard to spot it.
  • It’s best not to kill the wolf spider as spiderlings could attach to the mother and spread under such events.
  • A wolf spider doesn’t spin webs, and they also prefer living alone.
  • The average lifespan of a wolf spider is one year, but it may live up to eighteen months.
  • A wolf spider moves super fast at a speed of 0.6 m/s.
  • The wolf spider prefers dark, so keeping the rooms bright can restrict the insect from entering the house.


  1. Natalie Ward

    I still don’t know if it is poisoness and where they live, what countries.

  2. Ken

    So is it lethal to man?

  3. Larry J Johansen

    They are not poison to humans but the venum will give you a red spot if spider bites you and can be painful.

  4. Patricia Carroll

    You never answered the question!!!!

  5. Karen Ellis

    You didn’t answer the question is a wolf spider poisonous to humans?

  6. Vernice L. Armstrong

    This article didn’t tell if the spider is dangerous to humans or not. It didn’t even tell what part of the world or country the spider can be found in. The article lacks a lot of important information.

  7. Martin Hublitz

    You didnt answer your own question about being harmful to humans.

  8. Bruce Duncan

    Spiders are not insects. Please do not spread misconceptions. Both insects and spiders are arthropods, but they are distinct categories. Spiders have 8 legs, insects have 6.

  9. Mike

    Although spiders are harmful to humans I would never kill a spider!
    They are God’s creatures
    Leave them be

  10. Mansa Dumbre

    All very nice, but where is the wolf spider found?

  11. Diane Hill

    I don’t think the wolf spider is poisonous to humans. Just ugly by lol😫🤫

  12. Francine

    They are ferocious looking!! Especially as you climb your stairs and HE COMES INTO VIEW AT EYE LEVEL on the the second floor carpeting ready to descend the stairs!!! Remembering this I can barely type it!!

  13. Greg Erickson

    Funny you should write about an arachnid and then call it an “insect.” Haha!!!

  14. Michael

    You didn’t mention if they are poisonous at all and/or aggressive.

  15. Lavon Siler- Hall

    Are wolf spiders poisonous ?

  16. Ron Nily

    You said leave the lights on to keep the insect out it’s a spider nun insect

  17. Laurie

    You never said if they are poisonous or not?

  18. Susan Rice Hopkins

    This told me nothing about the question: is the wolf spider poisonous to humans! Junk website, I’m unsubscribing, get yourself another job…


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