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Tiffany Cat

March 9, 2022

The Tiffany cat is also referred to as a Chantilly cat. The Tiffany breed was created in 1969 by Jennie Robinson of New York. Robison bought a pair of chocolate-colored cats with eyes that were golden in color. The two cats were known as Thomas and Shirley. A litter of six kittens was born in 1969, and Robinson continued breeding them further. The ACA registered this breed of cats in the 1970s as Foreign Long-hairs. But the cats were later renamed Tiffany after undergoing a series of improvements through breeding.

Here is further information about the Tiffany cats that you will love!

Interesting Facts about Tiffany Cat

  • Tiffany is a cat with a body covered with a silky smooth and soft semi-long coat. Tiffany cat does not have an undercoat, and this eases its grooming.
  • Tiffany belongs to the mammal class, and it gives birth like any mammal.
  • Tiffany was developed through companionship and domestication. Therefore, it can live in both rural and urban areas.
  • The habitat of a Tiffany is an apartment or a home with a front yard.
  • Tiffany can live with other pets; Tiffany prefers staying with older children to young ones.
  • It can live for 7 to 12 years when feeding on a healthy diet and enjoying active exercise sessions.
  • Tiffany cats have a gestation period of 60 to 70 days. 
  • The Tiffany cat gives birth to between 5 to 6 kittens through one birth process.
  • Tiffanies are omnivores, so they eat vegetables and meat.
  • A Tiffany cat weighs between 6.6 to 11 lb. It will help if you avoid overfeeding the tiffany cat as it is prone to gaining excess weight.

The Communication of Tiffany

Tiffany cats are talkative and expressive. Tiffanies have a mild temperament, so they love catching up and playing with people. Tiffanies make much noise when they are left alone for an extended period.


  1. Dana Henderson

    Awesome Cats, love to have one.

  2. Bobbie lazo

    How much do they cost? Where can they be found?

  3. Michael Dugas

    Cats are what are called “obligate carnivores”, not omnivores: they MUST eat meat to survive.


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