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Sealyham Terrier

February 21, 2022

The Sealyham Terrier is a rare Welsh dog breed. It is a small to medium-sized terrier working dog with origins in Wales. Sealyham Terriers have white bodies, rough coats and were developed in the mid to late 19th century at Sealyham House, Pembrokeshire, by Captain John Edwardes.

This breed of dogs was initially bred for hunting animals like foxes, otters, and badgers. However, today, Sealyham Terriers are mainly kept as companion dogs and a great choice of pet for novice pet parents.

Also called Sealies, the Sealyham Terriers are one of the few calm, undemanding and relaxed terriers. They do not require daily walks and occasional romp but instead safe, enclosed areas where they can run around. After all, these terriers have strong hunting instincts, which has them pursuing anything in motion.

Sealyham Terriers are thought to be a crossbreed of Dandie Dinmont Terriers, the now-extinct small white Cheshire terrier, Corgis, West Highland White Terriers, Bull Terriers, and Wirehaired Fox Terriers.

Furthermore, they are unique, confident, affectionate, have an inquisitive nature, and have good humor. A Sealyham Terrier is dedicated to his family, distant from strangers, and a little bit scrappy with other animals.

Fun Facts about Sealyham Terrier

  • A Sealyham Terrier is a big dog with short legs.
  • It is calm and more dignified than most terriers.
  • This terrier needs only moderate exercise.
  • A Sealyham Terrier makes a determined watchdog thanks to its surprisingly deep bark.
  • A Sealyham Terrier does not shed so much.


  1. Bill Murphy

    Thanks for the info on the Sealyham Terrier! Sounds like a great dog,and companion 😀

  2. Dean

    nice to hear about the ‘shedding not so much’ lol.

  3. Joseph Lewis

    Are they available from breeders in US ? I
    Have I Airedale and a Welshie. Welshie is 2 and a half yrs old Airedale is 8 yrs old . Both are house dogs with 4 acres with an Invisable fence surrounding the property.

  4. Amanda Lankins

    That’s sad about the cheshire terrier
    Thank you for sharing that with this woman.


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