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Patas Monkey

December 31, 2021

Patas monkeys are physiologically suited for living on the ground. Males can be identified by a variety of traits. They have manes and lengthy white mustaches, which females do not have. Additionally, male Patas monkeys have a brighter overall appearance, with a reddish and grey torso, a white rump, and white-colored hind limb backs. Females, on the other hand, have a markedly duller color.

Habitat and Lifestyle

Patas monkeys live in open areas. They are found across Sub-Saharan Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal, as well as in Tanzania and Cameroon. They are mostly terrestrial and prefer savanna and forest habitats. They are often found in grass savannas, dry and dense forests with tall grass, and grass steppes with patches of thicket.

Diet and Nutrition

Patas monkeys are omnivores. Leaves, fruits, roots, lizards, tubers, seeds, insects, birds’ eggs and cotton are among the many foods they’ll eat in their search for food.

Interesting Facts About Patas Monkeys

  • The Patas monkey’s cheeks are able to contain as much food as their stomachs can.
  • When they come across different sorts of predators, these primates are known to make various calls.
  • Male Patas monkeys have the longest canine teeth of any primate species.
  • They are sometimes mistaken for cheetahs due to their very fast speeds when sprinting.

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