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Monitor Lizard

November 19, 2021

Monitor lizards are part of the Varanidae family of reptiles, genus Varanus. Their native habitat is throughout most of Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and Australia. Monitor lizards cannot be found in the hottest parts of the Sahara Desert, nor found natively in North America or Europe.

Can Monitor Lizards Be Home Pets?

A Monitor Lizard is a reptile, which means the pet-owner should know how to care for reptiles. When someone decides to keep a monitor lizard or any other reptile, care should be taken to get the pet from a reputable pet shop. Why?

For one thing, size matters. Some people sell baby monitor lizards with no clue about how big they get. Knowing the habitat a full-grown monitor lizard requires is at best a guess. Your pet shop should give a complete record of the pet, including how big it should get.

Monitor Lizards in Florida?

Unfortunately, Florida’s climate is ideal for some reptiles. There are reports of the West African Nile Monitor Lizard in Southern Florida. Introducing non-native species into an environment can be catastrophic. Hence, always get your reptiles from reputable pet shop owners.

Monitor Lizards Facts

  • The largest is the Komodo Dragon
  • Monitor lizards can be venomous
  • Some species are part of ongoing biopharmaceutical drug research

Monitor Lizards can be fun pets. Just don’t be part of the invasive species problem by releasing yours into the wild.


  1. Gary Edward Mandell

    Great advice! Who in there right mind would keep a kimono dragon for a pet? There poisonous and are deadly predators and I assume there not the sharpest knife in the drawer!lol. If you get one, I’d be very careful!!

    • Joe Passorella

      Use “their” or “they’re,” not “there.” Your comment about not being the sharpest knife in the drawer rings clear here, but unfortunately it refers to only the person who wrote your comment.

  2. Rumppler

    Never even consider getting a Komodo dragon. It’ll kill you, your family and every man woman and child in your neighborhood.

  3. Sepi Abed

    You have to be really fearless to keep it as pet.


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