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December 27, 2021

Today’s animal is the macaw. While recognizable to most, the macaw is a bird or a long-tailed new world parrot.

  • There are six different macaw species.
  • Macaws make their homes in forests, savannahs, and lowlands.
  • However, macaws prefer the more tropical regions as you get closer to the equator and South & Central America.
  • Some macaw species who lived on only one island have gone extinct.
  • The hyacinth, Buffon, and green-winged species are the largest macaws.
  • At about the size of a parakeet, the smallest macaw species is the red-shouldered macaw.
  • Macaws are vegetarians that eat flowers, leaves, nuts, seeds, and stems.
  • The larger macaw species can have 60 square miles of area to cover in a day to find food.
  • Although more research is needed, macaws eat clay because of the salt. The clay banks are parrot salt licks.
  • Close observations revealed some macaws feed clay to their chicks.
  • Some parts of the Amazon River’s banks contain clay where you can see hundreds of macaws and other parrots eating the clay right out of the bank.
  • Macaw feathers were used by the Ancient Incas and others for ceremonial dress in hats.
  • Like most parrots, macaws can be pets, but they must have regular attention to thrive.


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