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November 27, 2021

Not to be confused with its big cat cousins, the cheetah and jaguar, the leopard is the most elusive big cat. Leopards often spend time in solitude and hunt primarily during the night. Here are a few fun facts about this beautifully spotted wild cat:

Fun Facts

  • Their golden spotted bodies allow them to blend into the undergrowth. Camouflage is essential when the big cat is hunting.
  • You can find leopards all over the world, but their numbers are quickly declining.
  • This big cat can grow to 3 feet in length. Their tail adds 39 inches. Females and males grow to be different weights. Females weigh on average 132 pounds, while males weigh 165 pounds.
  • Leopards can live in varying environments. Currently, they are found in the Arabian Peninsula, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Turkey, and Asia. They can adapt and survive in virtually any kind of environment.
  • Leopards, like any other cat, are carnivores. They spend the majority of their nights hunting. During the day, the big cat lounges about, possibly after a big meal.
  • Compared to their cousins, Leopards are small in stature. They are the smallest member of the large cat family.
  • Leopards are ambush predators; they sneak up on their prey and pounce, giving the target no time to react.
  • Their offspring often consists of a litter of two or three cubs hidden away in a den.
  • Female Leopards have a gestation period of three months and deliver cubs weighing an average of 21 ounces.
  • Leopards have been observed to live longer in captivity compared to in the wild.


  1. Christopher

    Love animal of the day, fun facts

    • Animal Of The Day

      Thank you Christopher – Glad you enjoy!

  2. Ed Y

    How many leopards in a pack?

    • Mary

      Good question.

      • Animal Of The Day

        Thank you for providing additional info Dallas!

  3. Joan Freda

    Leopards do not travel in packs. They are solitary animals.

  4. Nancy Hamilton

    I don’t think they run in packs.

  5. Rebecca D Sayers


  6. Anthony M. Martinez

    Leopards do not run in packs like wolves!….They’re solidarity animals…Except when mating with a male Leopard!….The only big cats that run in groups(PRIDES)are Lions!….AMM

    • Paul Hopwood

      Cheetahs have recently been documented to hunt together in cooperative groups.

  7. Tam Cairns

    Mother + two- three Cubs .

  8. LT

    The title was about how many leopards are in a pack yet she never even mentioned it!

  9. Mark Sather

    Read the text..: they’re solitary ????‍⬛

  10. Gypsy

    They forgot the black cat…the panther…which, I believe, is a leopard.
    I have seen one very close up and, in sunlight, you can see the spots under the black coat.

  11. Bonnie

    Leopards also have the strongest bit of all the big cats. They have the widest mouth gap of them all too!

  12. Sue Jarrett

    So a Leopard is a GIANT CAT!! HaHaHa!!


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